Steak plate for home use
EUNA Toulouse Grey Stripe Tablecloth - EUNA
EUNA Toulouse Grey Stripe Tablecloth - EUNA
EUNA Toulouse Grey Stripe Tablecloth - EUNA
EUNA Toulouse Grey Stripe Tablecloth - EUNA
EUNA Toulouse Grey Stripe Tablecloth - EUNA

Steak plate for home use

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In fact, if you want to have a sense of ritual in your life, you might as well start with the most basic meal in your life. This tableware is recommended to you-Usu Green Steak Plate.

WUSU GREEN MARKET 28CM:28.5*3.5cm 0.88kg
WUSU GREEN PLATE 21CM:21*2.6cm 0.42kg

Product description:
The round ceramic plate has a slightly rising edge curvature, showing a hazy light and shadow.
The exquisite old craftsmanship makes the black stars scattered in the ceramic plate and blends with the green, which enhances the texture The overall is very smooth.
The green line separates the edge from the inside of the board, and has a slight glazed effect, which is easy to The overall is very smooth.
Whether it is appearance or practicality, it is a good choice. There are 2 sizes to choose from to meet your various needs.

Scope of application.
l Porcelain tableware: microwave/oven/dishwasher/low temperature resistant
l Glassware (cups/bowls/plates): dishwasher safe
l Metal cutlery (knives/forks/spoons): dishwasher safe

l Glassware: all hand-blown, bubbles, streamers and other hand-made traces are inevitable, even non-defective models, but also not perfect! This is also the essential difference with the mechanism of glass.
Maintenance advice.
1, household dishes can be rinsed off with water after cleaning with a disinfectant detergent.
2、For long term use, please use a soft cloth for cleaning, not metal brushes or other cleaning.
3、If there are slight scratches in use, you can use toothpaste to gently polish and repair them.
1, handmade products, there may be small local concave holes, bubbles or small black spots, etc., for the normal process phenomenon, does not affect the use.
2、The colour of the product may vary according to the production batch.
3, products are photographed in kind, due to light angle and other objective factors caused by a certain degree of colour difference, please understand.

1、Glass: safe, lead-free and cadmium-free raw materials are fired in high-temperature furnaces for safety and health.

2、Ceramic: refined clay is first plain fired at 800℃ and then glazed at a high temperature ranging from 1300 to 1400℃ after painting. It is a high-temperature secondary firing of healthy ceramics, and has been tested in multiple trial firings, with no detectable harmful substances such as lead and cadmium, making it safer to come into contact with food.

3、Five quality checks: Each of our products undergoes five strict quality control procedures before leaving the factory, namely raw material quality control, process quality control, finished product quality control, storage quality control and factory quality control, to ensure that the quality of the products you receive meets our standards.

Processing and delivery takes between 1-7 working days.

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